Il Masetto


Edizione 2019

Ambito C

Soggetto Proponente
Gianni Mittempergher e Giulia Mirandola Trentino, Italia

The Masetto is an accommodation facility and a cultural project located in the valley of Terragnolo (Trentino) and inaugurated in 2016, equipped with a guest house, a library, and two rooms where lectures, meetings and exhibitions take place.
The Masetto is located at 850m a.s.l., 13km from Rovereto and one hour by car from Trento. The facility is on the foothills of Mount Pasubio, in the valley of Terragnolo, which is crossed by the Leno creek and borders with the province of Vicenza. The Masetto is a mix of essential elements: food, hospitality, cultural activities. Adjacent to the ancient farmstead, there stand a small church, dating back to the late eighteenth century, dedicated to Saint Joseph, and a recently built guest house. The building complex is property of the Municipality of Terragnolo, and its restoration and management have been awarded to private operators by public tender. An original idea of tourism that brings together children and adults and connects different activities: from landscape narration, to scientific dissemination, farming, care for the environment, and art. The Masetto identified in a cultural proposal the driver for its activity. The dialogue with the mountain landscape is the common thread of every event addressed to adults, children and families. Generally, it is the landscape that gives the ideas around which the managers structure and plan different cultural initiatives. The programme gives participants the opportunity to have experiences related to the imagery, an element that belongs to every culture and is useful the read the present and conceive the future of this landscape in a constructive manner.Among the initiatives scheduled, every summer the Masetto proposes a series of original workshops addressed to adults. These are theoretical and practical experiences dedicated to the observation and narration of the mountain landscape in an unconventional manner. Over the years, many initiatives have been conducted ranging from literature to figurative art and photography, architecture, graphics, and cinema.

Il Masetto

Localizzazione del progetto

, Trentino, Italia, Terragnolo,

Motivazione della Giuria

The Masetto is characterised by a particularly original, passionate and courageous approach that was able to cleverly seize the opportunity offered by the Municipality of Terragnolo that, in 2016, made available a good building cluster, located in a remote area and probably destined to be abandoned, entrusting it to some young operators with a dynamic, structured and innovative management concept. The formula adopted by the Masetto was considered especially commendable by the Jury and is based on the incorporation of a qualified cultural project into a more traditional hospitality activity. The many activities carried out by the Masetto as of 2016 are characterised by a way of addressing the topic of landscape that is original, informal and multidisciplinary, along with a hospitality offer which is essential and in contact with nature. Hence, the project is not just an initiative for the renovation of a building complex destined to be abandoned, but rather a driver for the revitalisation of the entire valley area that from a condition of economic and social marginalisation is gradually rediscovering the landscape, now seen as a driver for economic and social development.