Colle San Biagio: inclusione sociale, agricoltura biologica, turismo sostenibil


Edizione 2019

Ambito A

Soggetto Proponente
Colle San Biagio S.a.r.l. Trentino, Italia

In 2016, forty-five private stakeholders built a farming company with a view to implementing an innovative management project in Levico Terme - province of Trento - and promoted an initiative for the restoration of 85,000m2 of abandoned land, that had been regularly farmed in the past. The plan of the farming company is to develop projects on three different yet complementary areas: organic farming, social integration and sustainable tourism, wherein tourism can act as a driver of economic sustainability for the entire project.In order to execute its management programme, the company started a participatory and dialogue-oriented process with the institutions, involving municipal administration and citizens, that resulted in a town planning agreement for the management of areas of public interest and a variation on the municipal general town plan. The economic sustainability of the project is based on the creation in Colle San Biagio of a multifunctional social farm able to identify crosswise the main needs of the community, where farming activities are promoted and enhanced by organising cultural initiatives, and sports and recreational events, with a special attention to vulnerable and disabled people. Therefore, along with the creation of a meeting place for all the different local forms of association, the project will implement the tourist offer thereby producing significant and positive effects on the whole area of the Alta Valsugana. The area involved is characterised by the widespread presence of environmental, cultural, historical, architectural, natural and botanic values, all of them neglected and abandoned over the last forty years. The restoration project, already under way, promotes and enhances the recreation, tourist and farming potential of the area, while preserving its environmental and landscape values.


Colle San Biagio: inclusione sociale, agricoltura biologica, turismo sostenibile

Localizzazione del progetto

, Trentino, Levico Terme

Motivazione della Giuria

The cultural approach in which the farming company Colle San Biagio has its origins is markedly oriented towards the integration amongst diverse and interacting activities aimed at the enhancement of a farming landscape of great value and with great potential that has been abandoned for decades. The Jury acknowledges the strong programmatic nature of this vision expressed in the purposes and objectives set by the company. In this regard, the landscape value recognised to the experience of the farming company Colle San Biagio and the definition of the management project that characterises it, is connected to the goal of blending, in an innovative and integrated landscape perspective, the issues of social inclusion, promotion of sustainable tourism, and agricultural management based on organic farming.
The dynamic nature of this private initiative is also of interest, as it has been characterised since its inception by a wide social base that is still growing and is still open to new members and collaborators. The participatory process followed by the farming company in agreement with the municipal administration to reach a socially shared outcome of public urban planning policies, translated into a specific variation of the general town plan of the municipality of Levico, is also noteworthy. Besides acknowledging the quality of the planning and management initiative subject of evaluation, the Jury recommends that the promoters realise their ambitious project by carrying out small construction works of high architectural quality so as to generate a new harmonious and balanced landscape consistently with the programmatic premises, the value of which is here recognised and commended.