Avalanche Shelter in Surlej, Engadin


Edizione 2016

Ambito B

Soggetto Proponente
Bjorn Klingenberg

The project proposal presents itself as an experimental attempt to meet, in a poetical manner, one of the many concrete needs of the Alpine landscape, namely the protection against avalanches, establishing a new form of interdisciplinary relationship between architecture, landscape architecture and engineering. The goal of the project is to produce a new spatial and infrastructural archetype, truly able to establish an interaction between the need for protection and the perception of said protection. In the past, the great Alpine infrastructure was admired as a masterpiece of technique and innovation and considered a tangible sign of a transformation through which the landscape becomes a living space. Nowadays, infrastructure is generally considered as necessary as it is missing any real value and meaning in its relationship with the landscape and social context. By establishing a fine balance between architecture and formal rigour, the project demonstrates the possibility to assign, besides the image, a new meaning to the avalancheprotection infrastructure, by generating, through the interdisciplinary nature of the project design, a radical change in the condition of usability and integration of the infrastructure into the Alpine landscape.

Avalanche Shelter in Surlej, Engadin

Localizzazione del progetto

Surlej, Svizzera, Mendrisio

Motivazione della Giuria

The project did not meet the eligibility criteria since it had not yet been carried out. Nevertheless, we would like to stress the innovative nature of the proposed solution which tends to combine the purely functional needs of avalanche protection with powerfully evocative shapes. The project interprets the strong features of the Alpine region by giving an unprecedented aesthetic and symbolic value to the defence structure.