Un futuro per i roccoli di Montenars

Menzione Qualità

Edizione 2019

Ambito C

Soggetto Proponente
Ecomuseo delle Acque del Gemonese, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia

The project focuses on the roccoli, arboreal engineering works used for bird-catching placed on passes and ridges along the most frequented migration routes. Only some of them have survived well preserved to the present day. The  roccoli are remarkable landscape elements for their sizes and fascinating shapes. The purpose of this initiative is to rediscover the roccoli as elements that increase the value of the landscape, through a participatory process that suggested the conversion of bird-catching sites from a scientific, educational and tourist perspective, aiming to stress how the local community perceive and give value to the territory, and to recover its history. The project consisted in the conversion and enhancement of existing sites, restoring a loop trail for connecting the surviving roccoli. Today the roccoli house courses on subjects relating to the landscape, cultural events such as readings, performances and concerts, training courses on pruning, tree maintenance and
landscape “building sites” open to the public for the construction and restoration of dry-stonewalls. The roccoli have become natural and historical monuments, as they are an essential component in the living environment of the population and testify to the strong bond between the inhabitants and the environment where they live.

Un futuro per i roccoli di Montenars

Localizzazione del progetto

,  Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia, Montenars

Motivazione della Giuria

The initiative successfully carries out study and documentation activities on an extremely interesting landscape heritage by actively involving the local community that thus reclaimed a common good. Alongside the commendable
initiative for the investigation of the roccoli, a participatory social sharing process was also promoted that resulted in proposals and strategies for the future management of these extremely valuable places.