L'ambient te man_sai dove sei, sai ciò che vale! Il paesaggio e l'ambiente della Val di Fassa in 7 parole. Progetto di sensibilizzazione del Comun General de Fascia su ambiente e paesaggio.


Edizione 2016

Ambito C

Soggetto Proponente
Comun General de Fascia

L'ambient te man (holding the environment) is an environmental awareness-raising project dedicated to the population of the Val di Fassa focusing on the relationship between local awareness (knowing where you are) and the global value of the environment (understanding its worth). Seven words to get to know the villages of the Val di Fassa, seven topics to understand the value of the environment, seven clips to ‘hold'. Each one of the seven municipalities of the valley is assigned a keyword that represents a feature of the Val di Fassa and simultaneously evokes one of the main benefits that the mountain environment provides to people's life (the so-called ecosystem services). Each topic is addressed in a text and developed through the images of a dedicated video clip (connected to a QR code for mobile devices). Together the topics combine the most representative environmental values of the valley in a unified path and return their overall image. The communication project is made up of: 21 video clips with comments in Italy, Ladin and English, and 7 international video clips associated with a QR code; 7 standard panels that develop the seven keywords in Italian, Ladin and English; 1 dedicated web page and 1 totem signage display template.

Localizzazione del progetto

, Trentino , Val di Fassa