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Landscaping Award 

The Osservatorio del Paesaggio (Landscape Observatory) of the Autonomous Province of Trento has established the MAKING LANDSCAPE AWARD to support the preservation and the management of the alpine landscape in accordance with the provisions of the European Landscape Convention and as provided by the 2008 Provincial Urban Plan del 2008.

The MAKING LANDSCAPE AWARD is based on a three-year selection of works, projects and initiatives carried out in the territory defined by the Alpine Convention, which are able to express goals of high landscape quality and environmental sustainability, such as programming tools, management initiatives, landscape architecture interventions and cultural actions.

The open selection to the European alpine region is aimed at enhancing the experiences that, with reference to the landscape problems concerning the Trentino area, stood out for the innovative features and durable efficacy of the proposed actions, for the technical, scientific and aesthetics quality and for the proactive role of the promoters and of the client.