PTC Alta Valsugana e Bersntol - Sorgente di identità e Strategie di Sistema. Progetto di sviluppo montano sostenibile e partecipato

Menzione Qualità

Edizione 2016

Ambito A

Soggetto Proponente
Comunità Alta Valsugana e Bersntol

The regional plan of the Alta Valsugana e Bersntol is an innovative urban and landscape tool. Its goal is the prefiguration of a form of sustainable development able to enhance the functions and specific opportunities offered by the area.
It provides tools and guidelines for a responsible development remodulation and defines a comprehensive planning in order to boost processes of growth and reorganisation of the value and specific vocation of the territory. The plan adopts a strategic approach with a long-term outlook able to build future scenarios by pursuing a wide synergy between public and private stakeholders.
The common thread is the promotion of the landscape nature and environmental features that have to be reconquered as strategic values necessary for the territory distinctiveness and competitiveness. The regulatory framework contains regulations, criteria, directives and actions, organized by landscape system. The ‘action sheets' specify the peculiarities of every area, general regulatory references and guidelines
to address landscape-related issues.
Boosting a process aimed at raising the cultural awareness on the manner of relating to and acting towards the territory and the landscape is crucial.
The plan recognises the central role of the landscape in transformation processes and makes it possible to find identifying elements to connect population and living spaces.

Localizzazione del progetto

Pergine , Trentino, Alta valsugana

Motivazione della Giuria

Innovative landscape and urban plan, carried out with a dynamic and participatory approach, aimed
at supporting forms of sustainable development that enhance the vocation of the territory. The methodological approach which aims to bring out the landscape and environmental features of the
area, the focus on the protection and restoration of agricultural land and the fight against soil consumption, are all quite interesting.