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Menzione Qualità

Edizione 2019

Ambito B

Soggetto Proponente
Danilo Nadalini - Stefano Casagrande ArchitettoTrentino, Italia

A project in a rural area that leads to the upgrading and transformation of the landscape, and to the protection and control of the territory by building on a process of research and communication. The upgrading and transformation of the landscape are immediately interpreted not as actions for the perceptive, aesthetic, protection and monitoring improvement of the territory, but also as ways to revive the spirit of the place and the population, and to give new life to ancient traditions. Listening to the stories narrated by the inhabitants facilitates understanding of the place: ancient drainage systems, canals, waterways, abandoned trails, soil features, place names, ancient varieties used in farming, and rituals. An architectural and landscape project with only one rule: leaving a light footprint. This approach gives rise to visible interventions that follow the natural soil of existing routes, characterised by the use of porphyry, natural steel, wood, and selected mixes of seeds for the grass cover.
The regeneration of the landscape is completed by the creation of a farm with procedural guidelines based on a synergistic/wild approach, with a hospitality activity to welcomes guests and the reactivation of the country fair that, after fifty years, brings together more than three hundred people.

Paesaggi Attivi

Localizzazione del progetto

, Trentino, Italia, Gresta, Segonzano

Motivazione della Giuria

This initiative is characterised by a refined interpretation, in a mostly formal manner, of a farming context long abandoned. The architectural and landscaping solutions proposed, as well as the new production system characterised by a multifunctional nature without neglecting the involvement of the entire rural settlement, are particularly interesting.