La falesia dimenticata. Un luogo di tutti e per tutti

Menzione speciale Dolomiti UNESCO

Edizione 2019

Ambito C

Soggetto Proponente
Dolomiti Open Associazione sportiva dilettantistica, Trentino, Italia

“We will never have happiness in a ‘civil form', that is, in a relational dimension, if we do not have places: spaces, however comfortable and efficient they may be, are not enough” (Stefano Zamagni, 2016). The “forgotten cliff” project is the outcome of a wider reflection on an area that hosts a “unique asset” which can be a driver of ideas for the restoration and rediscovery of a large territory that transcends physical spaces and also involves the social education, environmental and
community ambit. In order to regenerate living places, that is, civic spaces, it is necessary to engage the whole community. The underlying idea that led to the restoration of the “forgotten cliff” is the desire to give back to the community an asset of great value that, being private, had not been taken for public use, also because of the difficulty in ensuring its
safe use. The success of the crowd-funding campaign, meaning the shared purchase by many people of the land where the cliff stands, showed that not only is it possible to build a sense of community around a shared project, but also that the territory can be a driver towards a new vision for the management of common goods. The cliff that in the 1980s was a place very much loved by climbers, is now property of the association that took care of the renovation of the climbing site to make it available for use by the general public. The Dolomites will increasingly be a privileged place for the rehabilitation of values attacked by the system crisis that has affected modern democracies. Silence, quiet, the contact with the natural environment that imposes slow rhythms, unselfish socialisation: intangible assets that are traditionally seen as individual experiences, are now the reason for choosing a sport,cultural and emotional holiday destination.

La falesia dimenticata. Un luogo di tutti e per tutti

Localizzazione del progetto

, Trentino, Italia, San Lorenzo Dorsino,

Motivazione della Giuria

The initiative interprets, through a “bottom-up” approach, a view of the Dolomites landscape as a common good, rich in symbolic, emotional and collective memory values, that need to be taken care of by carrying out voluntary and non-institutionalised actions with the active involvement of the citizens. The large number of people who committed to buying the land, equipping the cliff and ensuring the safe use thereof, is evidence of the ability to motivate passionate, vital and responsible communities, engaging them in relevant and consistent landscape projects, tailored to the citizens' needs.