Giornate del paesaggio degli ecomusei 2007-2015.

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Edizione 2016

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Rete degli Ecomusei del Trentino

The Landscape Days promoted by the ecomuseums of Trentino are annual meetings aimed at drawing the attention of the community on the importance of the local and collective landscape heritage. The Rete degli Ecomusei del Trentino (Network of Trentino's Ecomuseums) was set up in 2011. Currently, it is made up by eight members, recognised and supported by the Autonomous Province of Trento: Ecomuseum of Vanoi, Ecomuseum of Val di Peio, Ecomuseum of Judicaria, Ecomuseum of Lagorai, Ecomuseum of Valle del Chiese, Ecomuseum of Argentario, Ecomuseum of Tesino and Ecomuseum of Valsugana. The term ‘ecomuseum' was coined by Hugues de Varine in 1971 to identify a type of museum able to go beyond the canonical and physical boundaries of museum studies by conceiving the ecomuseum as something that represents the identity of a place and its residents, starting from the living culture of people, their environment, their legacy from the past, the things they love and want to share with their guests, and bequeath to their children. Today, the Landscape Days are a very important appointment for ecomuseums, a strong commitment towards their regions, communities and stakeholders that over the years have been involved in discussions and projects dedicated to significant places and areas or aimed at controlling problems and threats that somewhat afflict the territory of the ecomuseum. The proposals range from guided tours through places able to engage and touch residents and visitors, to events organised in particular sites and environmental settings, and maintenance operations carried out by groups of volunteers. The Landscape Days are unique events that reflect the peculiarities that characterise each territory. They are a combination of different events, each one specific to the nature of the ecomuseum proposing it and consistent with the time and place where it takes place, that share the goal of narrating their diversity and showing that the landscape is the sum of endless actions, regardless of whether they are large or small, tangible or intangible.

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Trentino, Trentino, Trentino

Motivazione della Giuria

The Landscape Days are an annual appointment organised to draw the attention of the community on the importance of the local and collective landscape heritage. The Landscape Days, promoted in compliance with the principles set forth in the European Landscape Convention (ELC) and inaugurated in 2007, over the years have been able to give strength to the numerous initiatives carried out by ecomuseums throughout Italy and Europe, aimed at fostering the knowledge, protection and promotion of everyday landscapes. The initiative meets the ELC requirements in terms of training, promotion, awareness-raising, participation in landscape safeguard and transformation choices, upholding the responsibility of individual citizens and communities towards their living spaces. Through the cooperation amongst different institutions, local associations and individual citizens, the Landscape Days contributed to increasing Trentino society's awareness of the value of landscapes.